• UK property financiers could accomplish 200% higher yields beyond London

    Should property financiers should look beyond London for the very best returns?

    Purchasing more properties outside of London can offer a greater rental yield with a lower stamp duty expense throughout all price brackets, according to research by LendInvest, an online market for property investment.

    Christian Faes, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of LendInvest, commented: It’s not a surprise that you can get as lots of as 10 similarly-sized properties in some cities for the exact same cost as a single property in London. It is surprising that those non-capital properties provide a far more impressive rental yield, and a smaller total stamp responsibility bill to boot.

    A 250,000 investment will only buy a single studio flat in London, but the same amount might secure two two-bedroom properties in Manchester, which will produce a 200% greater rental yield and a 25% lower stamp duty bill.

    Landlords with 1 million to invest can buy 10 two-bedroom flats in Liverpool or among the same in central London. The Liverpool option would see a 20% higher rental yield with half the stamp task costs.

    The expenditure of purchasing a property in London currently gnaws at financier yields, but leas have risen dramatically in London over the previous decade too. Pressing price to its limits for hard-pressed occupants, proprietors will discover it challenging to increase rental expenses, further denting prospective rental yields.

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